June 9, 2019

3 Best Watermark Remover Software 2019 (Pricing + Reviews)

Product Image Rating Product Name & Feature
  1. Apowersoft Watermark Remover

2. Wondershare

3. Softorbits

Watermark remover software

A Watermark remover software can be, and often is, essential for anyone handling media content. Whether you’re a blogger, a photographer or just a media enthusiast, software like this can help you get a cleaner image.

As we all know, watermarks can come in any shape or form, being a logo or a text pasted on a video or image. This is done to prevent people without a license or permit to use the media do so. If for any reason you need to use the media and don’t want that watermark hanging around. Then this list is for you.

Is a good thing that so much free software exist for this. However, not all of those can be counted as a professional watermark remover software. For a more efficient software do check out our list.

These are the top 3 watermark remover software's. And we do have reviews and insight for you to take in.

Apowersoft Watermark Remover.

Starting at number one we have Apowersoft watermark remover. This is a simple yet reliable tool that will get rid of that nasty watermark. Whether is in a video or an image. This software is able to delete logos, text, time stamps and more.

Key Features.

Delete signatures, logos or any subtitle. While maintaining the same quality.
Uses a click and drag option to select the watermark area. Both for image and video.
It can also remove any kind of objects in the image or video.
Support for most if not all video and image formats.


Apowersoft does offer 3 types of payment plans. Monthly the price is 19$, and it comes with full features. Yearly the price can be found to be 29$. Aside from this they also offer a lifetime deal, this does cost 39$ but this watermark remover software will be yours for life, with full access to everything it offers.

For more information visit their website.


This is a great tool, very precise and professional. Wondershare offers a pixel by pixel selection option to get rid of any watermark. You can also remove any undesirable items extremely fast. Remove unwanted people, road signs, cable lines and more without worrying. The Wondershare software will recreate the background of the picture. This is due their algorithm analyzing and recognizing the background.

wondershare watermark remover
re watermark remover

Key features.

Extremely high precision.
Auto-correct lines and shapes you draw on your pictures.
Ample variety of formats are supported. TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF and Jxr.
Comes with 4 selection methods to help you get only what you need out of the image.
Intuitive design, easy to handle and master.
Their payment plan offers a lot of payment options, from PayPal to visa and Mastercard.


Wondershare provides a professional water remover software alternative for just 49.99$ per year. Or a lifetime license for 79.99$. If you need more information about their prices and service plans please check out their website.

Visit Website


Being a software more focused in photo stamp removal, in SoftOrbits we can find a very good tool to remove watermarks. It implements an intelligent restoration technology to recreate the area that was removed. It generates a texture from every pixel around the selected area.

Key features.

It comes with support for a batch of images, letting you remove watermarks from all at once.
Using the photo stamp remover you can restore pictures and photos.
A toggle option to change from the original picture to the edited one.
Supports most of the commonly used formats for images.


This watermark remover software comes with the option to get a free 30 days trial. Pricing plans start from 38.99$ for a one-time fee. If you need more information please visit their website.

Visit Website


Even if you’re an inexperienced photographer, a media blogger or just want to restore old pictures. A watermark remover software can greatly help you with any of these endeavors. Here we have given you the very best 3 of the selection. Remember while they can restore old photographs and remove annoying watermarks, they are by no means a Photoshop software.

Be sure to review each yourself and take into consideration our reviews before making a decision. Keep your media watermark free with our selection of the best watermark remover software.

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