June 12, 2019

3 Best Waste Management Software 2019 (Pricing + Reviews).

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waste management software

A waste management software helps companies, whether public or private, to implement and apply processes for waste disposal and more. This allows careful planning of collection schedules and waste disposal along with other actions. A good waste management software is a great help for a community’s waste disposal service.

Provides help in every aspect and stage of the process. From waste transport and treatment to its final disposing. A good software also provides monitoring for every step of the process and a solid scheduling system.

This software can also be used to sort out different materials and schedule their processing on different moments and places.

This all sounds like a very complete waste management software. Yet not all available provide all the features we’ve just described. In order to have a cleaner organization when it comes to wasted material you might want to choose one of the tools in out list. These are with no doubt the best waste management software available.


Chetu offers easy planning for trash collection, transportation, treatment, storage and disposal of any waste in a community. Including tools for waste profiling, databases properties configuration, methods for disposal and much more.

Prominent Features.

Provides 3rd party integration tools for residential, commercial, waste disposal, transfer plant, recycling and alternative waste treatment sectors.
It offers a mobile app that allows tracking of waste sources, route planning, capturing signatures and custom workflow programming along with much more.
Reach a zero waste to landfill objective thanks to the option to manage and monitor sustainability and waste plans.
GPS for tracking trucks, messaging system, synchronizations with back-office management. All included in a software.


In order to acquire the software and learn of its full features along with plans for payment please do visit their website.

Hazardous Waste Management Software.

Manage every stage and step of any process pertaining hazardous waste treatment. All collection consolidation and treatment planning provided with help of this tool is in accordance with the latest disposal guidelines for hazardous waste.

Prominent Features.

Create automated request for waste collection and management, keep waste managers informed at all times.
Build and submit the biennial report fir CERCLA automatically.
Allows IOS and Android applications to monitor, update, transfer and remove waste containers through scanning of a barcode.
Allows the function to manage and collect waste profile data.
Generate detailed reports about your company and regulatory data.


There are 4 different plans for payment and services available. The Starter Edition is 29$ per month. The Basic Edition costs 79$ per month allowing more features. Standard Edition has advanced features and costs 149$ per month. The Advanced Edition can be your for 299$ per month and is the ultimate edition of their services coming with all features available.

For more information please visit their webpage.


This waste management software enables easy and reliable monitoring and reporting every step of the waste management process. Allows scheduling of all waste related activities to ensure a proper and constant collection and disposal service.

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Prominent Features.

Easy access from any smartphone, tablet or computer with full device integration.
Wide range of customization options and features. Supports the creation, managing and customization for different centrals.
Combine with EHSQ Professionals through internet, cooperate and share information.
Intelex allows the keeping of a full record history of created modified, maintained records for all the processes carried out.


If you want to know Intelex full and detailed features along with their pricing and payment plans do make sure to visit their webpage.


Whether you’re expecting little waste from a community or a lot of it. A good waste management software can help you in planning everything from the collection, storage to processing and disposal.

Using one of the services reviewed above will likely lead to a smooth collection process and timely disposal of any waste. Making your efficiency sky rocket and each community you serve much cleaner and hygienical.

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