June 12, 2019

3 Best Live Streaming software 2019 (Pricing + Reviews).

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A live streaming software can help your video feed accomplish many things. Reaching a larger audience is just one of them. From transcoding a video into a streaming format to live broadcasting and more. This software also enables you to mix various sources to create a professional broadcast medium. All of this regardless of your technical expertise.

Providing a platform for developed and professional people to demonstrate their technical knowledge using a live stream to do so.

Picking just one of the options that we’ve brought today might be a bit difficult. Since this is the best of the best when it comes to live streaming software. Keep in mind their different features and choose the best suited for your needs. Gaining an edge in this growing sector can be possible due to using one of these tools.


Powerful and dynamic live streaming software Contus allows users to get full HD quality for their broadcasts. This can be done due to their robust encoder which ensures smooth video playout through all screens.

Take your live streaming to a new level of business attracting more viewers than ever before. This software also includes features such as pay per view, gated video content, pre and mid roll ads among others. Different forms of monetization can be adapted.

Contus can even help you broadcast through your preferred social media network. Supporting Facebook Live, Twitter, YouTube, Periscope and more.

Key Features.

Maximum flexibility for web and mobile streaming.
Support for streaming on any device, laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones are supported.
Generate income due to this software´s monetization tools.
Construct your own sound streaming application and integrate it perfectly with any device and operating system.


For more information on their services, features and pricing plans available please visit their homepage.


Produce quality streams at a very low price, all from your own computer. It allows the addition of multiple cameras, videos and audio streams. Complete with full customization and multi-camera support for large events.

With a free watermarked test trial for potential customers. vMix is one alternative to take seriously.

Key Features.

Offers 13 transition effects. Zoom, Wipe, Slide, Fly, CrossZoom, Cube and more. All to help you customize your videos.
Create production of HD sources with little effort being placed on the computer’s CPU.
Built-in GT Designer to help you create different animated graphics.
Simple and easy way to add guests to any of your live shows.
Multi-view option through which you can combine multiple inputs and customize each element’s location.


vMix price es of 350$ for the HD version, it also offers a 60 day free trial. For more information about features and services visit their webpage.


Wirecast can actually ease the production and streaming of very high-quality videos. Available for Mac and Windows users. You can use it to stream any video or webinar. It supports an ample variety of cameras and capture devices.

Integrated features such as stock media library, stinger, playback speed controls, audio mixing and even QR code generation. A simple yet powerful live streaming software.

Key Features.

Wirecast comes with a conference and remote production option. Send links and invite anyone to join your live broadcast.
Live switching, image composition, titles and audio delays. All supported within the system.
Record, save and edit MP4 or MOV files.
Professional features to allow your live audience to never miss anything of importance.
Stream through Facebook live, YouTube or any other social media platform. All at once.


They do offer a 30 days free trial, after that you can purchase the software for 249$. For more information on their full features please visit their website.


A lot of the tools presented here are a good way to ensure a nice and smooth video stream. Take into account your needs and that of your audience while you take your pick of the best live streaming software available.

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