June 8, 2019

Best Graphic Design Software 2019 (Pricing + Reviews)

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All print and web graphics you see in advertising or publication are managed by graphic designers and in contemporary times, they are almost completely made on computers. Software for graphic design is classified into a large number of categories and each category has a wide range of choices.

A designer needs graphic designing software for image editing, just as an artist needs a sketchpad or a researcher requires a laboratory. To generate, design and organize their finest job, designers require this software. See some of the professional graphic design software listings below.

1. Venngage

Venngage is an online, template-based design tool for non-designers! Whether you're a marketer creating social media posts, brochures, eBooks, infographics and white papers; students creating professional resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn content; corporate employees creating annual reports, HR reports, presentations, proposals, strategies, plans and more - Venngage has the perfect templates for you.

Save time and money with a Venngage account. There's no need to coordinate your work with designers, or hire costly freelancers who break your budget or just can't seem to get it right. You don't need any design experience, either. An easy-to-navigate editor with a gentle learning curve will have you creating awesome, engaging content in no time.

To get started, create an account, tell us a little about yourself and your goals, and then choose a template you wish to customize. Handy tooltips within the editor help you access individual features and customize your template with ease.

A library of 10,000 icons, unlimited stock photos, hundreds of fonts and great visuals allow you to add a professional look to anything you create. Neat charts and graphs allow you to easily visualize data, summarize survey results, share metrics and more. Intuitive framing features let you resize, crop and fit images into your design with ease.Venngage


  • Choose from thousands of templates, from infographics templates, to white paper templates, to mind map templates, to invitation templates and way more. Create custom designs totally unique to you and your brand
  • Receive helpful content on design tips and tricks, the latest trends, and tips on how to use different features
  • Visualize data, design and host presentations, outline processes, create diagrams and all sorts of technical content easily.
  • A design tool for non-designers, with a library of professional icons, stock photos and fonts for sophisticated designs.
  • Save designs in numerous formats including HQ PNGs and PDFs.
  • Share your designs with your team, collaborate and get feedback on larger projects.
  • An effective, highly-responsive support team that can help you out while you’re designing something.


  • Get started with a free account, explore our templates library and start editing right away.
  • Upgrade to a Premium account for $16.99 a month, gain access to Premium templates and features
  • Upgrade to a Business account for $39.99 a month; gain access to Premium templates and Business templates; take advantage of design consultations with our professional designers, collaborate with team-members, utilize the brand-kit and more!

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