June 12, 2019

3 Best Financial Analytics Software 2019 (Pricing + Reviews).

Product Image Rating Product Name & Feature
Financial analytics software

A crucial part of every business is its finances. Organization, handling and managing can be done easily using a financial analytics software. This software is a great help at business strengthening and growth. It allows comparing financial and accounting transactions with a few clicks.

Software like this is reputed for high accuracy and vigilance of every account and financial KPIs. Implementing this knowledge to your company is key to success and planning a future financial direction.

Accountants generate reports and financial compliance, using financial analytics software like the ones we will show you here. Even managers from different departments can gain a lot of benefits from a dashboard that holds detailed reports of their team.

There are many parts of a good financial analytics software. Some are more important than others. Often times we can find a variety of options with each covering a different aspect.

Sometimes the whole research process can be exhausting and tiring. To avoid doing it yourself please do pay attention to our list of the best financial analytics software.


Focusing in calculating financial relations with a full and configurable financial spread template. This software is among the very best for financial analysis. Reports from this tool can include analysis of peer groups to reference counter-parties within the same industry or market.

Actico financial software


Automated financial ratio calculation, able to be integrated into risk assessment and loan origination processes.
Large number of comparison functions. Multiannual trend analysis and comparisons of a single counterparty and their pairs.
Generate reports in different formats. PDF, MS Words, MS PowerPoint are supported.
MS Excel can import and export financial statements. Financial information and more, from external data sources.


In order to learn about the full features and pricing for this software please visit their homepage.


Making easier to know the exact performance of your business. With FreshBooks you can take the input you gain from financial analysis and use it to improve your company. Simple dashboard and reports. Review all important information from the main dashboard.

freshbook financial software


Very simple set up and customize your invoice, add your logo and even customize a thank you email for customers. Simple and powerful creation process for professional invoices.
Option to send reminders and alerts to securely charge a customer’s credit card. This allows the automatization of your business.
Allow the software to monitor customers and focus your time on improving based on their feedback.
Create an official account to automate the entry of credit card and bank account information. The account is updated everyday to keep you on point all the time.

Pricing Details.

Offering different version for their services. The Lite version, is paid with 15$ per month and comes with 5 billable accounts. The Plus Plan, costs 25$ per month and offers 50 billable accounts. The Premium Plan costs 50$ per month for 500 billable clients.

If you need more information on prices and service plan features, do visit FreshBooks website.

Ready Ratios.

The main focus of this software is that individuals do not participate in the analysis, only enter financial information. This in turn means the non-existence of human error. You will receive analytical results that are not different from an expert’s analysis. This software is web-based and can be opened using almost any browser. Supports internet explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.


Easy to understand indications for positive and negative rate values, colors are used to indicate quality rates.
Option to limit the report of data, and overall customization for your reports and important data.
Fast and convenient access to information. Log in to their website of ReadyRatios for this feature.
Offers a service of table reduction without losing information.

Pricing Details.

Any information pertinent to their other advanced features and pricing plans for their services can be found in their website.


The need for a clear and reliable financial analytics software has always been there for the last couple of years. A company without one is not likely to succeed. Success is achieved often by taking the best tools at our disposal and implementing them in a way that can be beneficial to us.

Considering all the information available and detailed financial reports is crucial. Take advantage of the tools presented here and rest assured these are the best options for financial analytics software. Use this list to take your accounting to a whole new level by picking one of the options and focusing more in your business ideas than in your accounting.

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