June 8, 2019

Top 3 Email Verification Software 2019 ( Pricing + Reviews)

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So how do we describe the best Email verification Software? The main idea behind software like this is to ensure that email lists and the email marketing campaigns that you send out actually end up going to real and active inboxes. So marketers use this software to upload email lists so that the systems can verify emails through a number of interesting methods. The purpose behind email verification or email validation is that the software solution recognizes accurate and real email addresses. The methods they employ usually determine if the email domain exists or not, as well the mxbox check or look up to see if that is set up and exists. Some even go a step further and look for catchall inboxes, remove duplicates and help users avoid spam traps.

Once the email cleaning process is complete users are able to download the cleaned email list for their marketing purposes. Email verification software is vital for marketing teams and small businesses who wish to improve their email deliverability rates and reduce email bounce backs as well as increase ROI and engagement from the end user.

To be fair and inclusive we made sure to establish criteria so in order to be included in the Email Verification category, an email verification software must:

  • Allow users to upload an email list for cleaning directly to the platform through the browser or via copy paste.
  • Scrub email lists for bad addresses this could be through removing duplicates, checking mx and domain as well as delivery.
  • Enable  end users to download the verified and cleaned and email lists

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