June 8, 2019

3 Best Data Mining Software 2019 (Pricing + Reviews)

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Data Mining and proprietary software help companies to depict and process common patterns and relationships in large data volumes. The best information mining suites use particular algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine education, and database stats for this purpose. Some systems will also deliver sophisticated features like data warehouses and customizable KDD procedures, often with the final choice of applications.

Before investing your cash in a private solution, specialists think there are plenty of variables to consider that help them to analyze the data and predict the best results but there is some confusion occurs in users mind. In order to resolve the confusion of yours for choosing a data mining software, we grab the finest information of mining software on the market that you should consider in 2019 in order to reduce the list to a few high-quality products.

1. RapidMiner

RapidMiner is a centrally-compatible solution with a very powerful and robust graphical user interface that makes predictive analytics available to the user. In addition to enabling users, the software features support for scripting in a number of languages. The system also offers wealthy technology that is helpful in the different phases of a sophisticated analytical project. In addition to providing real predictive analytics, the application package of RapidMiner includes data integration, conversion, machine education and application integration.

RapidMiner - Data Mining Software


  • Offers you an ability to glean attitudes to what individuals say about your brands, goods and services, in the social media and elsewhere.
  • Analyze users direct feedback to add functionality, fix deficiencies or create new offers which respond to articulated needs.
  • Dig under the surface of transactional data for tell-tale signals that could otherwise be missed, and identify patterns in both spoken & written text indicating fraud that can be involved.
  • Use profile data more than just for targeted marketing or advertising. You can also use it to understand what customers and perspectives want.


You can grab the pricing plans information for this software by simply contacting the vendor.

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2. SAS Advanced Analytics

SAS Advanced Analytics provides an advanced, innovative software platform that enables customers to fix every type of insistent problem. It provides solutions to support business impact–from data mining, text mining, predictive analysis, viewing data, and machine learning. The data mining features of the platform allow predictive big data analysis so that profitable possibilities and insights into imminent results can be recognized.

SAS Advanced Analytics - Data Mining Software


  • To understand key relationships, you interact quickly and intuitively with your data using the dynamic diagrams & simplify it.
  • Enables you to create building models that are stable and accurate by using proven techniques as well as an easy-to-use and a powerful drag-and-drop interface.
  • The forecasting procedures of SAS Advanced Analytics assists you to prevent private partiality to produce automated and reliable predictions.
  • SAS Advanced Analytics offers a range of research methods for operations – including the optimization, simulation and planning of projects.


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3. GMDH Shell

GMDH Shell is the simplest way to predict, classify and regression models correctly. It enables you to easily create predictive models and preprocess data with a dead, simple point-and-click interface based on artificial neural networking. In contrast to other NN-based instruments, parallel processing, and excellent key optimization are very rapid due to advanced processing.

GMDH Shell - Data Mining Software


  • Allows you to cover a range of tools and capabilities necessary for building a quality predictive model using different approach methods (linear, polynomial, Gaussian, neural, etc.
  • GMDH Shell delivers reliability in a business class so that you can set up it as a standalone and fully automatic prediction server.
  • It utilizes all of its nodes and CPUs to carry out parallel calculations in order to produce outcomes as rapidly as possible.
  • The software uses the algorithm to implement gradual development of mathematical models with different approximations until a good prediction is produced by a model.


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