June 10, 2019

4 Best Customer Feedback Software 2019 (Pricing + Reviews).

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Customer feedback software

As a blog or business, we can measure the amount of success we’re having by the customer’s feedback. For this is very important to have a reliable and clear customer feedback software. In addition, customer feedback can give us a chance to apply the input and gain an edge against our competition. By prioritizing and addressing problems our customer base points out for us. This is what turns a good business model into a successful one.

Taking into consideration your budget and needs we compiled a list for the 4 best customer feedback software. Likely in this selection you will find the ideal service for you.

Keep in mind that these tools alone can give you information about what your customer database is happy or unhappy about. Applying this input depends solely on you.


First off, we have HubSpot. A simple yet powerful tool to collect input from our users. This software will easily collect good quality information from you customers via surveys. These surveys can be implemented and shared through chatting, emailing or almost any other form of online communication.

hubspot customer feedback software

Key Features.

Live chat function so you can interact directly with your customers.
Automated email and notification with each feedback.
Possibility to implement bots in live chat. The bots can help decide the customer if there’s a help page available that accommodates to the customer’s issue.
Integrated reporting tools to measure the success of your business. Track data, volume of tickets and response time.


They pricing starts from 35$ per month of service. For more features and information visit their website.


Providing a cloud-based solution, counting with customer service tools and CRM, we have UseResponse. This customer feedback software also provides us with ticketing solution for help desk, feedback system of course and live chatting.

useresponse customer feedback software

Key Features.

It comes with the possibilities to implement queues, create filters and assign request to your work team.
A modern mobile interface that permits feedback handling from tablets and smartphones.
Option to send monthly newsletters and a smart voting feature to consult your consumer base.
Allows feedback for tickets once the issue has been solved or closed, same applies for live chat attention.


Their pricing plans start from 49$ per month. For more information please visit their website.


With Zendesk you can gather valuable feedback from all of your support channels. Allows measurement and analysis for all your feedback. This in turn will provide the opportunity to improve your customers satisfaction. Providing management tools this is a great customer feedback software.

zendesk customer feedback software

Key Features.

Multiple channel support for feedback. Emails, calls, live chat and social media platforms.
Enable customers to close their own inquiries once they are solved.
Options to personalize each client's portal to help the management of their support requests.
Excellent and reliable ticket system that allows the display of a live view of answers and reviews.


With very low prices Zendesk pricing starts from 5$ a month for each agent. For more information on their features and plans check out their webpage.


With this customer feedback software handling your customers input has never been easier. Business oriented, focusing more in online business, with very reliable features. Doesn’t care to offer a wide range of functions but it focuses more on getting right what it does do.

Allows your users to express their feedback and input freely through bug reports, comments or tickets. It even has an option to issue a vote and let the customers decide what features they want to see the most. Their comment system functions based on threaded discussions.

Don’t use cliché automated messages, give your customers more insight with this software. This is done through an automated system of email follow ups and a public roadmap. FeedBear keeps track of everything for you, so get this software and focus only on improving your product.

FeedBear is the ideal customer feedback software that will allow you to ease the burden of your support team. Have a cleaner support channel and build a strong customer base.

feedbear customer feedback software

Key Features.

Provides multiple feedback boards to separate all your feedback.
Thread discussions to improve the communication and idea refinement.
Automatic email notification for status changes in any post.
The possibility for custom branding.
Integration with many platforms.
Good pricing for any-sized projects.

For more information, pricing plans and service offers be sure to visit FeedBear in their own website.


Customer interaction proves a company’s engagement and commitment with their clients. Also provides opportunities for improvement and gain experience based on your customer’s advice. For all of this, a good and reliable customer feedback software is necessary.

The quality of your posts, comments and overall support system can be greatly improved from the use of the software in this list. So give one of these options a try and likewise let us know what's your intake.

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