June 12, 2019

4 Best CRM Software 2019 (Pricing + Reviews).

Product Image Rating Product Name & Feature
CRM software

A CRM software or Customer relationship management software. It's a system that will help you manage your clients and control how your company acts towards them. The use of these softwares can also be considered a marketing and customer relationship strategy.

A good and efficient CRM software can aid you in grouping all your business contacts in a single location. It eases the handling and management of contacts and data, using incorporated search engines. CRM software can be used locally or online, providing a complete solution to your customer relationship base.

These services do have free and paid versions, but don’t expect the best software to free of charge. If you can’t wait to change that old excel sheet for a modern software, then pay attention to our list.

Zoho CRM.

This software empowers users from almost any business. It comes with marketing and customer support, service and inventory management, all in one software. This is a good option if you’re looking for CRM software with a complete customer relationship lifecycle solution for you.

Zoho CRM

Key Features.

Support for multiple channels of communication, from email to cell phone calls and live chat.
Utilizes advanced IA to automatically learn about your customers. Providing deeper insight about their preferences.
High performance and fast service. Offering top of the line Forecasting for market reports and analytics.
Option to customize the software’s layout.
Offers the option to automate sales.


They do offer a cheap but reliable service. The starting plan costs 8$ a month per user. If you want to learn more about Zoho CRM please do visit their website.

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus.

This CRM software is world-renown for their top of the line services. Designed with especial focus for IT companies. Offers a common platform for all customer service management. Any user can track, manage and solve tickets easily with this software. With this tool customer satisfaction is sure to go up.

ManageEngine CRM

Key Features.

Offers mobile access and support for any device, from your computer to your smartphone.
Comes with support for a wide variety of languages.
Many possible integrations and add-ons.


They do offer a free demo of their software. However, to receive the complete package and information on its price visit ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus website.

Qualtrics Customer Experience.

The best CRM Software when it comes to speed and versatility. Their platform makes really easy for companies to keep an eye on every customer. From managing every moment for the user to improving the system based on the customers feedback. Comes with a dynamic case management system and role-based dashboard.

Qualtrics CRM

Key Features.

Dynamic platform for customer feedback and communication.
Option for market analysis and metrics.
Advanced marketing forecasting.
Click and drag features with lots of layout’s customizations.


They do offer a demo software as a way to gain more clients. For the full software and a list of their pricing plans please visit their website.

AI Field Management Solution.

AI Field Management Solution offers an advance CRM Software. Complete with an advanced AI to handle your customers requests. Support for a lot of languages and integration with any device.


Key Features.

Advanced job management. Access to maps, directions, pictures and invoicing.
Invoicing and payments to minimize your work and chance of errors.
Automatically syncs to QuickBooks online or in your Desktop.
Payroll reports and time tracking app.
Providing Easily calculated weekly and monthly rates with their clock in/out feature.
Support for many different languages.
Integration for any device. From your computer to your smartphone and tablet.


AI Field Management Solution offers a free demo of their services. In order to obtain more information on the licensing fee and other features do visit their website.


Any time your business needs a bit of improvement in the customer relationships department please do consider a software from this list. More than a tool much of these services offer a strategy to improve your customer satisfaction. In time this will lead to more clients and happier ones at that.

Remember these services can do a great deal of the heavy lifting for you and your clients. However, the changes and improvements do come from you. You are the manager and in this list is hopefully the best CRM software for you.

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