June 12, 2019

3 Best Cemetery Management Software 2019 (Pricing + Reviews).

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cemetery management software

Cemetery management software is often a tool that eases the effort of organization and management of such a business. It helps the user to organize plot owners, finances and daily tasks in a cemetery. This business works pretty much like any other, providing record keeping, attention to finance and customer support.

We bring you a list of the best cemetery management software. With the use of any software presented here any cemetery’s management will improve. Keep in mind that all of these will provide great help with management and finances as well.


Cemify is a very reliable cemetery management software, focusing primarily in cemetery mapping, parcel sales and funerals. Being cloud-based allows its use from any device. This software turns an actual paper map of a cemetery in an interactive digital map.

Users have access to burial records, property, sales and more, with the possibility to edit all of these. Providing evidence of plot ownership, payment information and a detailed log filters. This tool is great for cemetery management.


Use premade templates to ensure all necessary information is included.
Send work orders via email or printing.
Make everybody aware of rules and regulations in your public portal.
Create custom boards for different graves. With the possibility to add important information by hoovering over the graves.
Scan and save signed deeds with a full section dedicated to the plot documents.


The basic plan of service starts from 390$ per year. Does offer a free trial so you can be sure you want the software. For more information please do visit their webpage.


Supporting government agencies managing their assets. Civica is a cemetery management software that won’t disappoint you. It keeps records for cemetery services provided. Anything from burials and cremations to funerals. It allows the user to generate permits, certificates and any pertinent document easy and quickly.

Coming with a fully automated accounting, sales and mapping system that allows efficient resolution for any request from a customer. Civica also helps you maintain accurate records. Minimizing human error, this software facilitates effective management of any asset.


Maintain and store details from your business, register any information pertinent to the cloud.
Offers billing and different payment services. Create invoices to customers.
Send reports and details to any client via email.
Integrate your payable and receivable modules with existing accounts.


For more information of their features, service plans and pricing for the software. Please visit their webpage.


Providing a cloud-based alternative for cemetery management. This software provides a guide through all the steps required in the business. From contracts to accounts, all found in one place helping you save money and time.

This cemetery management software is superior to most. Both in mapping and managing, providing an edge to any cemetery using it. Greatly simplifies every process and eases the burden of handling a cemetery.


Keep track of plot and grave owners easily. Use the acts module and simply type, edit and print any document.
Integration with iPad app to improve your efficiency through its use.
Access your maps, records and inventory from anywhere and any device. Process your payments online and receive digital signatures.
Offers compatibility with Excel for managing and importing financial information.
Use custom drop-down lists to help your customers generate work orders quickly and easily.


In order to know the pricing for this software, and full features, please do be sure to visit their webpage.


All the data generated from a cemetery can be hard to keep track of, and even harder to properly keep. This selection of the best cemetery management software provides you with the tools to ensure all the data is well handled and protected.

Any software presented here will award you and your clients with a better service. After all after going through a loss there’s no necessity to make things harder.

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