June 10, 2019

3 Best Archiving Software 2019 (Pricing + Reviews).

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Who among us doesn’t have a ton of pictures, memes, music, documents and all sorts of files? With so many items in our computer it might be in our best interest to use an archiving software to help us bring a bit more order into our device. Don’t worry we bring you the best selection of archiving software available. This software will help you regardless if you keep your files on your desktop or the cloud.

Archiving can help you retain precious information while at the same time having proper managing. From backing them up to long-term storage, do consider this selection of the best archiving software.

Easy Software AG.

Complete with an interactive assistant, this archiving software can be set up quickly and with ease. Preconfigured to save you time by reducing the installation and administration process. It comes with an integrated free database; with Easy Software AG you don’t have to get a license.

Highlighted Features.

Get fast and easy access to all your data and task processing.
The layout intuitively adapts to the display of any device for optimal use.
Highly responsive comes with integration for almost any device. From computers to tablets and smartphones.
Comes with an advanced search feature with an additional parameter search. Providing this, helps you gain immediate access to a file.
Optimized management for a large volume of files.


For more information on the advanced features, and payment plans for these, please visit their website.

OpenText File System Archiving.

OpenText provides an option for archiving your data almost indefinitely. This archiving software is highly reliable and it's a great option for storing your data in a server. Protects your investment providing a solid base and integration with current and future devices.

Highlighted Features.

Create and configure storage rules to retain more control on the archiving process. Generate relevant criteria for storage.
Automate storage in physical servers or cloud based.
Powerful search engine to manage your files across all of your archiving server.
Remove redundant content automatically and compress the size of the archive to save space.


Do be sure to contact the sales team of OpenText for a full list of features and payment plans along with their pricing. Click here.

Amazon S3 Glacier.

From amazon we have the Amazon S3 Glacier. Providing a safe, reliable and very durable cloud storage. This archiving software is one of the best options for our long-term data storage needs. Not only a good service but also available at a very low cost. One of its main features is the ability to analyze your data while its archived safely.

Highlighted Features.

Offers 3 different and reliable functions to provide a solution for your access time needs. These options are: Fast, Standard and Bulk retrievals.
Allows different employs to access and manage the database using the same account. This is due to their policy of Identity and Access Management.
Support for different archive operations such as upload, delete and download. Archives however are immutable and cannot be modified.
Support for AWS CloudTrail audit. The system logs the records of your Amazon S3 Glacier and sends them to you.


They have the lowest cost of service for the quality they provide. Users can store data safely paying 0.004 Euros a month for each gigabyte stored. For more features and information please visit their site.


Archiving software can, and likely will, save you from losing data. While some services offer a variety of options, not all can be trusted with your precious data. Keep in mind that in this list of the 3 best archiving software you can find reliable tools.

Most of these services do keep a backup copy of the files for over 30 days after being deleted. Proving an option for restoring and regaining lost data once archived. Hopefully you’ll find a solution best suited to your needs in our list.

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