June 9, 2019

3 Best Anti Spam Software 2019 (Pricing + Reviews)

Product Image Rating Product Name & Feature

1. Mimecast

Mimecast offers what is considered a spam-proofing program.

2. MailCleaner

Here we have an anti spam software considered to be a gateway, or port of security, between your computer and the internet.

3. HexaMail Guard

Hexamail offers a really good and wide range of functions for email security

anti spam software

What can be said about spam that we haven’t suffered already? Spamming is sending unwanted messages via email. Mails like these consume bandwidth, time and can even give you a headache or two. To avoid this, it would be in your best interest, or that of your company, to invest in a good anti spam software.

Now days spam has evolved and this has led it to become a real cause of problems. Since often enough virus and malware of all kinds can enter a system through an email. Hence the absolute need for a good anti spam software. Think of it as a necessary layer of security for your system, its data and your email address.

Here we have the best 3 anti spam software. Take a look at the image below for a brief review.

anti spam software comparisons

1. Mimecast.

Mimecast offers what is considered a spam-proofing program. This is, exactly the layer of security our system needs. They offer a cloud-base subscription, very comfortable since its all online. They count with a very strong and reliable threat and spam detection engine. This allows their software to identify and block any spam before it's delivered to your mailbox. This in turn means an airtight defense when it comes to spam.

minecast anti spam software

Mimecast can be deployed quickly and without problems through all of your company’s network as it is a SaaS solution. This software will reduce spam and regain that lost cost from email management. No need for hardware or maintenance.

Key features.

Allows the user more control over what emails are blocked. This mean less need for tech support.
It blocks advanced threats, preventing users from opening malicious URL’s or unpacking viruses.
Improved compliance with regulatory frameworks due to their content control and DLP tools used for leak prevention.
Tools for messaging security and large files sending.
Release space from a mailbox with its graymail filing tools.


If you’d like to find out the price for their services please contact them directly through this link.


2. MailCleaner.

Here we have an anti spam software considered to be a gateway, or port of security, between your computer and the internet. This software uses professional protection against viruses and it can eliminate almost 99% of your incoming spam. This tool will help you get rid of that nasty spam before it ever reaches your mailbox.

mailcleaner anti spam software

Their filter server makes sure that all incoming mail is analyzed, and if any should pose a threat to your security, blocked.

Key features.

Simple, efficient and professional.
Quarantine option for any messages infected by malware coming from spam.
Anti spam protection for ISP SME SMI and any learning institution.
Ample variety of configuration tools and options.
Compatible with Microsoft office 365 and G Suite.


Should you desire to know their pricing plans and services then please go into their website clicking here.


3. Hexamail Guard.

Hexamail offers a really good and wide range of functions for email security. From anti spam software to anti phishing and anti-viral software. All based on the server. It blocks and eliminates any possible threat before they can get to your email.

They use modern and powerful content inspection techniques to read incoming email and identify spam. It can also completely block unknown programs and identify spam coming from a new IP address.

hexamail antispam server protection

With the possibility to use Bayesian analyzes, issuing a blocklist based on DNS, banning keywords and more. This software is a very good protection alternative. Other functions can range from whitelisting and expression matching to delete an email or a combination of them, along with email tagging challenge responses.

Key features.

Provides top of the market anti phishing features.
Supports SPF that makes sure any incoming email that is approved gets accepted.
Provides near total email protection by comprising with any built-in anti-virus in the system.
Uses Bayesian pattern matching making this system able to achieve very high accuracy detecting spam.
The possibility to download all POP3 accounts for its users, search and eliminated spam email. Redirect the email to other mailbox or that of your company’s.


They do come with a fixed price for their services. The minimum price value is 174$. Should you need more information about this software please visit their website.



With the help of any of these tools you can greatly decrease the amount of spam entering your system. These 3 are the best options for anti spam software and they will likely be a welcome addition to your company or home system.

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